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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a total of 45 Koçtaş stores in 22 cities across Turkey.

There are more than 40,000 product ranges in Koçtaş stores.

More than 3000 Koçtaş employees work at head office and in stores.

You can review Human Resources section for career opportunities offered by Koçtaş.

Stores are open 7 days a week. Store opening hours vary around 8:00 / 10:00, the closing time is 22:00. You can reach opening-closing hours of shops from Stores section on our home page.

You can ask your questions by calling 0850 209 50 50 Koçtaş Customer Service.




Refund Policy for Internet and Telephone Orders:

  1. Returns must absolutely be made in original box or packaging. In order to accept your request of return, the original box and packaging of the products must be in good condition.
  2. Original invoice of the product should be necessarily sent to us together with the product you want to return.
  3. Returns of the assembled products and those that are cut before selling (wall to wall carpet, PVC, flooring, table cloths, etc.) is not acceptable.
  4. If the product / products that you want to return are defective, shipping costs are paid by our company. In other cases you are responsible for shipping costs.


Other Issues You should be Aware

  1. When receiving the delivery of product, carefully check it. If the product is delivered to you in a damaged condition, don't take a delivery. To make it to fall within the scope of damage insurance, it is enough to call 0850 209 50 50
  2. Koçtaş Customer Hotline on delivery date and report it to us. Appointed shipping company will reach you again, and get the product from you. (0850 209 50 50) bildirmeniz yeterli olacaktır.
  3. The warranty periods for the products which are sold at least 2 years. The warranty periods of some companies may be longer than this period. Defects caused by using the products contrary to the matters written in the product user guide, are not covered by insurance.


Exchange Process of Internet and Telephone Orders

  1. Change cannot be done without a receipt or invoice. Warranty card is not enough for change and return. If the invoice is addressed on company name, return receipt required.

  2. Product that will be exchanged should be complete in original box and unused. If an original packaging of the product is opened but not used, the product and its accessories are not damaged and are complete, exchange process can be started. On internet purchases, the product should be delivered in a package that can be carried by shipping company.

  3. The products return and exchange of which are approved should be delivered to shipping company in absolutely "disassembled" (furniture and garden products) way.

  4. The products under service guarantee can be exchanged only under the "service report".

  5. In product exchanges, only the products mentioned in you invoice can be delivered; refund procedures will be initiated for your color or model exchange request.

  6. Change and return right is not available for special order products.

  7. Returns or exchanges of the products that you purchase through internet and telephone channels can be received by stores. For your requests, you can dial 0850 209 50 50 Koçtaş Customer Hotline and start the procedures.

Current Product Returns Conditions of Our Stores are as Follows

In accordance with the provisions of Value Added Tax Law article 8/2 and notification with serial number 54 of Ministry of Finance 24 / 04 / 1996 that was published in number 22620 Official Newspaper, Within the scope of the Consumer Protection Act number 4077, submission of invoices or cash receipts for the goods purchased constitutes a legal obligation for customers.

- Refunds for goods returned by customers will be done according to the type of payment that is indicated on the invoice or receipt of the returned goods. Accordingly; the payment will be refunded exactly how it is stated in slip or invoice, for the payments as the price of the goods returned by customers.

  1. In the case of return of the goods covered by the warranty, customer service report is required.
  2. Goods indicated as faulty or defective sold by our company cannot be returned or exchanged.
  3. Products sold after cutting, obtained by special order, made by color machine are non-refundable.
  4. Products purchased on behalf of the company should legally be brought with return receipt.

Goods you want to return will be refunded as long as you show receipt or invoice and, if the payment was made by credit card, credit card receipt within 30 days and with unopened package. If the product is defective, Law No. 4077 will be applied.

Transportation and installation services are available in all Koctas stores. For detailed information refer to customer service desk in our stores or check Services section.

The warranty periods for the products which are sold at least 2 years. The warranty periods of some companies may be longer than this period. Defects caused by using the products contrary to the matters written in the product user guide, are not covered by insurance.

Our catalogs are published in the first week of each month.

Our catalogs are available in department stores or you can find them Staged in section.

Yes you can shop Staged by clicking on www.koctas.com.tr

Koçtaş Card is a card that has Paro features, makes you win % 0,5 paro points, and provides extra benefits at workplaces which are a member of Paro.

With you Koçtaş Card you can benefit from all discounts and advantages that are offered to Paro Card members.

If you don't have Koçtaş Card, you can easily get it from Koctas Card stands in our stores.

You can get it from all Koçtaş stores, immediately start using it and benefit from Card's privileges.

You can use points accumulated on Koçtaş card by telling the cashier before making a payment. Expiration date of Paro points that are accumulated on your Koctas card is the end of next January. Unused points until this date are eliminated.